15 Best Social Media Analytics Tools to Use in 2022

Social media managers often seek variables or data to measure their performance against their efforts. As they are in charge of the growth of their brand’s social media, they must justify their actions, along with the outcomes achieved through them.

To do so, they must have results backed by solid data. It will help identify your best-performing content and its impact on your brand’s social media presence.

This can be achieved with the help of social media analytics tools that would help you gather the correct data within the said duration.

Not only would it help you redirect your efforts in the right direction, but it would also help you track and measure your brand’s ROI in terms of marketing on social media.

This article will cover some of the best free & paid social media analytics tools to help you find the perfect one that best suits your needs.

Here is our list of the best social media analytics tools that will help you analyze and measure your actions’ performance and connect it with your ROI.

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  • Instagram Insights

    Instagram Insights is also a very powerful native analytics tool available to Instagram business users. It allows users to track Instagram analytics for up to 3 months.

    It offers a very detailed overview of your profile where you can get to know the accounts reached, the number of accounts engaged, and the number of total followers increased.

    If you explore it further, it also lets you know details of your audience, like their age range, demographics along with their gender.

    So it’s definitely among one the best social media analytics tools available in the market. It also offers an individual post-wise overview where you can get to know the accounts reached from the post and the profile activity that it bought you.

    Other than that, you also get to know whether the people visited your profile from a hashtag, and it also lets you know the time at which your audience is most active so that you can have an idea of what’s the best time to post on Instagram.

  • YouTube’s Channel Analytics

    YouTube’s native channel analytics is available to users under their YouTube Studio Dashboard. It allows users to track key YouTube analytics that is essential to understand the performance of your channel.

    YouTube’s Channel Analytics

    It allows users to track the metrics according to their requirements where they can monitor it for past days, weeks, months, or even a whole year. It also gives users the option to set up a custom date range.

    It also lets users know the number of views, watch hours, and subscribers increased in a given time. If you move along, YouTube’s channel analytics further offers a content drill down, where you can get to know the number of impressions, number of views, and the click-through rate of a particular video.

    Then there is a very detailed overview of your audience where you can find out the exact source of traffic for your videos and the audience demographics such as their gender, age range, and location. So it’s pretty helpful in summarizing your channels of success.

    Finally, it has a research tab that allows users to search for a particular keyword and find out exactly how many people are searching for it online over YouTube. So you can come up with better topics and ideas for your videos.

  • LinkedIn Page Analytics

    If you are looking on for options for LinkedIn’s analytics, the in-built native dashboard for page analytics is among the best options for social media analytics tools. The dashboard is divided into five main parts: visitors, updates, followers, competitors, and leads.

    LinkedIn Page Analytics

    Where visitors provide you a detailed overview of your audiences, like the number of page views and unique visitors that your page gained for a given date range. It also highlights the source of your visitors where you can know whether they came through a desktop or a mobile. After that, it also lets you know the job functions for your audience as well.

    Moving on under updates, you get to know the number of impressions along with an individual post-wise overview where you can see the performance of your individual posts.

    Under the follower tab, you get to know your followers’ demographics and their metrics.

    These are very essential LinkedIn analytics that could help you measure your performance and help you measure your ROI. Finally, if you have a lead generation form set up on your page, you can also get the data, such as the number of leads generated for a given time, along with the option where if you want, you can set up a page for benchmarking and compare it with your page to measure your performance.

  • Twitter Analytics Dashboard

    The Twitter analytics tool is one of the best free social media analytics tools available to measure your success over social media. It gives a bunch of options to overview your Twitter analytics, where you are able to see your Tweet impressions, your profile visits, your number of mentions, and an increase in the follower count for a given date range.


    Twitter Analytics Dashboard
    It further allows you to drill down your tweets where you are able to see the number of likes, replies, link clicks, impressions, engagement, and engagement rate for your individual tweets.

  • Pinterest Analytics Dashboard

    As we are closing on our final tool, we definitely can’t skip the native Pinterest analytics dashboard; as Twitter is among the top available social media platforms and is widely being used for ecommerce, it surely comes up on our list of social media analytics tools.

    To begin with, in order to access the analytics dashboard, you would need to have a Pinterest business account and would also need to verify your website. Once you pass that, you get access to your accounts analytics dashboard.

    Pinterest Analytics Dashboard

    Once inside, users get access to different metrics where they can view the number of impressions for their pins, engagements, engagement rate, and pin clicks.

    If you further explore, you get to know details of your audience, their demographics, the number of outbound clicks, and your page metrics.

    So, it’s a pretty nifty tool if you are searching for a perfect tool to monitor your Pinterest analytics.

  • We are guessing that you are now equipped with the knowledge of the best available social media analytics tools. As monitoring analytics is essential for any marketer or business, a perfect tool could help you streamline your reporting and help you connect the dots for your actions with just the right numbers.

    Managing social media is a daunting task where you have to keep up with the latest trends and tips, but if you are not able to reflect the value in numbers, then everything is wasted.

    So, pick the right tool that best fits your needs and march away on your way to success.

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