A Day in the Life: TikTok COO Vanessa Pappas Reveals What It’s Like to Run Gen Z’s Most Prized Possession – E! Online

eight p.m. Her youngsters despatched off to sleep with the assist of Catherine Ingram‘s “funny and educational” cartoon-model e book, Arnold’s Extraordinary Art Museum, Pappas and her spouse chat about their days over plates of the rooster stir-fry she whipped up. “I like to keep dinners simple,” she says of her go-tos. The best: “On nights we’re both tired and had a long day, we’ll order sushi.”  

9 p.m. Among Pappas’ secret weapons: A working to-do checklist. After dinner, she checks her emails as soon as once more, takes a peek at her calendar and writes down her priorities for the subsequent day. “This simple nightly ritual is what helps me not only relax for the evening and disconnect from work, but helps me hit the ground running the next day,” she explains.

Then she rewards herself with one other scroll by her For You feed. “Lately,” she notes, “I’ve been seeing a lot of trends around 2000s throwback with celebrities, fashion, and movies.”

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