A Heartbreaking, Ongoing Infertility Struggle Won’t Stop YouTuber Rebecca Zamolo From Having a Family – E! Online

In that second when the acquainted flicker was absent from the ultrasound display, every little thing modified, together with her skill to expertise any subsequent pregnancies with unbridled optimism. “I think this next time going around, I will be a little bit more worried,” Zamolo admitted. But she outright refuses to be detrimental. 

“I would definitely never want to downplay my feelings,” she shared. “But, I mean, I’ve talked to people who’ve had eight miscarriages. I’ve had people that made it to week nine three times in a row and it was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is very common.’ And it gave me, I guess, a little bit more hope, but also made me feel like it’s not only me going through these really hard, difficult situations.”

As she put it in her YouTube video, “I look at every, like, low time in my life and it’s always led to something beautiful that I never expected. And it was so hard at that time, but I always know looking back, like, ‘Wow, I’m really glad that happened, for whatever reason it was.'” 

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