A Scrabble hack

    It’s positively an everyday pastime of mine, and one in every of my favourite video games. I normally play solo with the Word Master app.

    The construction of the game rewards information of actually brief phrases like qi and aa, however the thrilling half occurs while you discover a seven-letter phrase…

    The hack that will work in the event you’re enjoying in actual life, with different folks and precise tiles: On each flip, every participant is allowed to show one of many letters of their rack over and deal with it as a clean, which might be any letter of the alphabet.

    Suddenly, prospects multiply! The variety of 7 letter bingo phrases explodes. Instead of wrestling with 7 dependent variables, you’ve 6 and a wildcard.

    The metaphor, as you’ve already guessed, is that daily we could have an opportunity to show over one in every of our ‘letters’ and make it into one thing else, if we’re courageous sufficient.

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