Apple Shells Out $14.8 Million for Refund, iCloud Users Will Benefit

Apple is shelling out a massive $14.8 million refund to those iCloud users that paid extra for storage. This was due to a recently settled class-action lawsuit claiming the Cupertino giant broke its terms and conditions.

Apple Refunds $14.8 Million for iCloud Users

According to the story by TechSpot, the breach of the conditions was when Apple decided to store iCloud user data on other third-party servers. This meant that although iCloud customers would pay to store their data on the iCloud, their data would actually be stored on other third-party servers.

From the initial reports of Macworld, Apple’s settlement is directed to just about anyone who became a paying iCloud subscriber throughout September 16, 2015, all the way up to January 31, 2016. This also includes the paying customers having a US mailing address that was linked to their account.

How to Know If You Can Claim the Refund?

Should the email that users used during that period to sign up for Apple’s iCloud storage be active, the users will then receive a notification telling them that they are included in the class-action lawsuit.

The amount payable to each iCloud user varies depending on the length of their subscription to the service within the months mentioned above. The payment also depends on which tier they were using, whether the 50GB, 200GB, or 1TB tier.

Apple Insists It Did Not Do Anything Wrong

Apple is still insisting that the company did not breach its iCloud Terms and Conditions and that it did not do anything wrong. August 4 is the schedule for the Final Approval Hearing regarding the class-action lawsuit.

The StorageClassActionSettlement website indicates if users are eligible for the refund. As per TechSpot, the details posted also include the suit details and how much money the user is entitled to get.

Other Lawsuits Against Apple

As per TechSpot, the Cupertino giant is no stranger to class-action lawsuits. One of the most recent lawsuits that the company had received was regarding its M1 MacBook screens cracking as per claims.

Another lawsuit also saw the company hand over $500 million for the iPhone throttle case and the faulty Apple Watch screens, butterfly keyboard issues, and issues regarding the policies on its App Store.

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Apple Spends $200 Million a Year to Launch Patent Lawsuits Against Android

Although numerous lawsuits are being thrown against the company, Apple currently has a whopping $2.84 trillion market cap. This means that although the iPhone maker is shelling out millions, it has the resources.

Apple also spends a great deal of money on lawsuits launched against other companies. As per Innovation-Asset, the company pays a whopping $200 million per year on different patent lawsuits launched against its competitor, Android.

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