Attention, Dear Readers: A Bridgerton Spinoff Is in the Works – E! Online

While Quinn’s books are “tightly focused,” she says, on her protagonists, the present has already given us hints of issues to return means down the line—like, for example, the sluggish burn of Penelope and Colin, whose story will get informed in ebook 4. Quinn says she by no means would have considered it. 

“From a writer’s point of view, it was fascinating and brilliant because, as I’m reading [the scripts], it was incredibly flattering because it was so clear to me that the writers had all read all the books and they were thinking so holistically about the whole thing,” she says. “They were bringing in things and hinting at things and potentially setting things up in a way that was so incredibly respectful of and honored the source material, but at the same time, you know, the changes that they made… it was so clear to me that that was the best thing to do for a television series.” 

There’s one ebook for every Bridgerton sibling, and whereas eight seasons of Bridgerton is perhaps a stretch, that does not imply we’ve to overlook out on any of the romance. 

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