Best Ways To Prevent Fire Hazards

Fire hazard is an imminent threat for many businesses and households across the USA. According to an NFPA report as many as 490,500 structures, fires took place in 2020 alone causing property damage of over $12.1 billion. While fire household fires are much more common, business-related establishments, like factories and warehouses are much more likely to face massive economic damage due to fire.

If you’re the owner of a business establishment you can potentially lose thousands and might have to pay hefty business fines. It’s a good idea to take a look at these safeguards to have in place, in case of a fire breakout.

Have Protective Equipment Handy

Make sure that you have protective equipment like a fire extinguisher, fire sprinklers, etc. accessible at all nooks and corners of your establishment. This makes sure that in case of a breakout it’s easier to deal with the fire in its initial stages before it spreads. It’s a good idea to have these installed in corridors or hallways which are easily accessible without using an elevator. Places that are more susceptible to fire like kitchens and workshops must get additional focus and should always have fire extinguishers present onsite.

Get A Fire Alarm System

Modern fire alarms are marvels of technology that are precise in detecting smoke and can sense a fire in its initial stages. Fire alarms are a must-have in most households and businesses. A fire alarm paired with sprinklers and control panels makes up a fire alarm system. Fire alarm systems have been known to stop fires and are one of the best things you can do to prevent fire hazards. Just like fire extinguishers fire alarm systems should be more focused around areas much likely to catch fire or areas of vital importance.

Fire Watch Guard

Fire alarm systems just like any other machinery are prone to have failures from time to time and need optimum maintenance to keep them running. In case of your fire alarm system is un-operational; you can resort to a fire watch guard.

Fire watch guards are trained professionals tasked with preventing fire breakouts and outages in a building or an establishment. Fire watch guards scout the property for potential fire hazard hotspots and try to fix them.

If you’re a business or a large property owner you are required by NFPA to have a fireguard in case your fire alarm systems fail or are out of order. Failing to do so will require you to pay hefty fines and even a business shutdown.

Maintenance And Disposal

Highly flammable materials like gasoline and butane are used regularly for everything from cooking to running generators; it’s no surprise that these materials have been the source of numerous fire hazards over the years. Thus, it is important that such materials are stored adequately and machinery using such materials are maintained properly and checked from time to time. The excess/spent/spoiled should also be disposed of properly to avoid fire hazards.

These preventive measures are tried and tested and are extensively applied to prevent fire hazards. It’s a good idea to use a combination of these to safeguard your property or establishment.