Chief Apology Officer

Companies are discovering that hiring folks to mollify critics and dissatisfied clients is cheaper (within the quick run) than altering issues, studying from the suggestions and even losing the time of people that do the ‘real work.’

The CAO doesn’t take part in tactical or strategic discussions, and possibly can’t clarify the dynamics that led to a given coverage, or why it’s tough to vary. That’s not their job.

Their job is to make the shopper or critic really feel heard sufficient that they’ll settle for the established order with out additional fuss.

This is the tech assist one that’s not allowed to acknowledge that the software program has a bug, or the gate agent who’s unable to report back to the house workplace that the scheduling system is inflicting actual issues for loyal clients.

In addition to consuming away on the mollifier’s well-being, the work of the Chief Apology Officer can be finally doomed. By insulating the commercial system from the suggestions loop that may enhance it, these organizations doom themselves to a gradual fade.

“Do you have any influence on how the organization is going to respond to this?” is a good query. And the CAO can solely truthfully reply, “no.
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It’s a troublesome gig.

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