‘Club Penguin Rewritten’ Shut Down? Disney Allegedly Took Down Website, Now Inaccessible

“Club Penguin Rewritten” is shutting down, says its gamers, and those that still play the game in the present took it online to complain about the alleged shut down of its website by Disney. Gamers are getting furious over this development, and its alleged shutdown has affected a lot of those that regularly go into the RPG title since the early 2000s.

‘Club Penguin Rewritten’ Face an Alleged Shut Down from Disney

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Redditors took it to r/ClubPenguinRewritten to say that their worlds in the game are crumbling and that the game is indistinguishable already from its current state on the website. The Redditor is only one of the complaints that flood the online world, all about the “Club Penguin Rewritten’s” current status as an online open world.

Disney, the company that bought “Club Penguin” last 2007, did not release any information, especially as their online game has been accessible for more than a decade already. Now, it suddenly slips out of its operations, and the company remains silent about this unavailability of the game from its current domain. 

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‘Club Penguin Rewritten’ Website Now Inaccessible?

“Club Penguin Rewritten’s” website is inaccessible, says the Twitter user that talked about the game’s status, saying that the servers are “killing” the game. However, it may not be the case, and it may be something that “Club Penguin” servers are currently seeing a hard time operating, with the game being an old one that saw only a few updates to its system. 

Nevertheless, its website is now inaccessible, with a notice from the London Police saying they took over the website for an undisclosed reason. 

RPG and the Metaverse

Role-playing games and the metaverse are almost the same, as going into the game will have players playing their version of the stories, having the capabilities to control their actions and career track. Gamers may also focus solely on the character and not mind the quests or requirements in the storyline, making it one’s own story online. 

There are different types of RPG, and some focus on a solo-player experience with a storyline like the Mario games from Nintendo. However, there are also other open-world titles where users can go at their mileage and decide what to do with their character and focus on their lives.

One example would be the famous “The Sims” franchise from Electronic Arts

There are many types of RPG and the open world on the internet, the basis for the new metaverse experience that many companies are already launching for everyone to experience. “Club Penguin” is the earliest there is to this, being an open-world RPG that brings a game for all ages, being one of the first experiences for kids to go into the metaverse. 

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