Discipline vs. fairness

What’s higher, a fish or a bicycle?

That’s a ridiculous query, as a result of they’re not opposites nor are they unique.

It’s tempting to come back to the conclusion that self-discipline is on one finish of a spectrum and fairness is on the opposite.

We see it in sports activities, business and politics on a regular basis. A boss or coach is seen as a voice of self-discipline, proper and flawed, certainty and energy, whereas the ‘other side’ is all tied up in knots over what’s extra truthful.

But they really don’t oppose one another. Fairness may be executed with rigor. Fairness can result in productiveness and effectivity. Fairness is definitely what ahead movement is able to.

The reverse of self-discipline is definitely laziness, and that’s usually related to worry.
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Fear of duty and worry of the reality. Responsibility and fact are required if we’re going to get heading in the right direction.

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