Elon Musk Talks About Social Media Policies: Is He Hinting Twitter’s Sale?

Elon Musk is talking big online regarding social media policies that address several issues on what is happening behind the scenes. The talks are now centering on the tech CEO, aiming to acquire Twitter from its shareholders and take it back to a private setup where there would only be one executive calling the shots and having no board in its operations.

Elon Musk Talks About Social Media Policies

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SpaceX Elon Musk

The Tesla CEO brought his side online regarding the social media policies that have suitable parameters or uphold a certain kind of acceptable regulations. According to Musk, the only way to achieve this is if the “most extreme 10 percent” on the left and right would be “equally unhappy.”

Musk’s tweet hints at possible social media policies in the future or is talking about an unhappy board or shareholders that have stakes on a particular platform.

The top billionaire did not mention anything about his tweet being about Twitter, one of his latest ventures.

Social Media policies are mostly talking about censorship and content control, especially as several users take their use of the platform to the extreme. Some people reacted to Musk’s tweet, agreeing with his statement or adding that the tech CEO should take Twitter to the next level and gain access to freedom of expression.

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Is Musk Hinting Twitter’s Sale?

Musk talking about social media policies is a bold move from the tech billionaire, and it may mean many things regarding the status of its sale. It may be so that Musk is hinting about Twitter’s sale, especially as a lot agrees that he should be its head.

However, official talks regarding this acquisition are still at a standstill, with its current answer being a refusal to go private with Musk.

Elon Musk and Twitter

Most of what the tech billionaire is talking about online nowadays is regarding the Twitter sale, which he initially brought up via a poll, asking users if they want a different direction of the social media. Whether the CEO is directly tweeting about it or reacting to memes or threads, most of his online presence revolves around Twitter.

Twitter has been a public company for decades now, and this is something that has been focused on in the past years. It consisted of a board of trustees and its shareholders that uphold the best interests of the company, focusing on policies and community guidelines that maintain a standard for the social media platform from Jack Dorsey.

Since Musk purchased massive shares on the social media, there have been many talks regarding it, and it garnered a mixed reaction from the public and other known personalities. Musk is talking big about the social media policies, especially as there are hints that it will loosen journalistic freedom and expression once it goes public.

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