Saturday, October 1, 2022

Four Fun Things | Cup of Jo

Have you seen The Lost Daughter? The psychological drama movie follows a professor on a solo trip, who meets a youthful mom on the seaside and flashes again to her personal parenting expertise. It completely stopped me in my tracks. (My good friend Lizzy posted after watching: “I am not okay!!!!!!”) What I discovered fascinating was how each lady within the movie vacillated between being seen as a “madonna” or a “whore” — and when you age out of these roles, you’re kind of… nowhere. Maybe a shrew? I can’t cease excited about the film, and I’m now planning to rewatch and soak all of it up once more. It has soared into my favorites list (together with The Father, When Harry Met Sally, and Goodfellas — all so completely different, ha).

nyc art prints by flat vernacular

Digging these art prints of New York City. The pizza rat!

Cyrus Ferguson created an Instagram sequence referred to as “Unintentional Sculpture Analysis,” the place he breaks down — in good art-world patter — completely different scenes round Brooklyn. An empty lot, scaffolding, a discarded Christmas tree, they’re all out of the blue advantageous artwork items with a LOT to unpack. I laughed a lot watching these.

caramelo tortillas

I examine Caramelo tortillas on Lottie + Doof’s holiday gift guide and ordered three packs for Alex. Made with duck fats, pork fats or avocado oil, the tortillas style superb — tremendous skinny, tremendous chewy, tremendous flavorful. They’re made in Kansas by Mexico-born-and-raised Ruben Leal, who missed the type of tortillas he ate rising up. Such an incredible present for a meals fanatic, don’t you suppose?

P.S. More fun things, and a darkly funny book I can’t stop thinking about.

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