Hugh Grant Recalls “Really Bizarre” Time Drew Barrymore Made Out With Him at a Restaurant for 10 Minutes – E! Online

Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore share memorable chemistry of their 2007 movie Music and Lyrics, and because it seems, there’s good purpose for that. 

The 60-year-outdated star of The Undoing was a visitor on The Drew Barrymore Show on Thursday, May 20. During the go to, the 46-year-outdated host introduced up a time a few years in the past when she drunkenly noticed the actor at the Waverly Inn restaurant in New York City and promptly made out with him, even supposing they weren’t relationship one another. 

“One of the moments that I had some of the most moxie—and I don’t think we’ve ever talked about this—I walked into, I think it was like the Waverly Inn,” Drew shared. “This was years ago—and I’d had a few drinks—and I walked in, and I ran into you, and instead of saying hello, I grabbed you by the collar, and I fully started kissing you.”

Hugh smiled all through her retelling, after which he succinctly replied with, “Yes, I remember that.” The actor is presently married to Anna Eberstein, who he wed in May 2018 and is the mom to 3 of his 5 youngsters. 

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