Inside Kofisi Podcast Studio; Digital Media Centre Catering to Content Creators

Podcast adoption in Kenya has grown exponentially in the last decade, with digital media content gaining more popularity and demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

So what makes podcasts great? Why are streaming services, media houses and marketers picking up on the demand and becoming more actively involved in the industry? 

Let’s be honest, you probably aren’t going to read this whole article – you may, however, browse through the beautiful images. But what if this article was read out loud to you by a smooth, relaxing voice while you’re driving, cooking, amongst other numerous scenarios. This is the beauty of podcasts.

Podcasting is also claiming its position in the entertainment industry because of its content focus and specialisation – from marketing, to interior design, relationships and so on. 

With an audacious consumer market and continued desire for content, the market has seen the emergence of state of the art media and podcast spaces like Kofisi – Africa’s leading workspace provider.

This facility is located at 9 West building, will cater to the growing number of content creators, media businesses and influencers in the city.

Soundproofed space to record podcasts and radio bulletins.

While there, you can explore the 25,000 square ft centre. The 9 west facility is the fifth furnished oofice facility in Nairobi that complements its other investments in Tanzania, Nigeria and South Africa.

Kofisi 9 provides a luxurious co-working model with premium designs catering to multinationals and top-notch businesses looking for sophisticated workspace and industry technology. The space truly caters to a community who appreciates an alternative to the traditional office set up.

Kofisi’s Conference Room – The largest technology focused conference room in Nairobi.
2,000 square foot of open terrace space and a ‘secret garden’ located on the rooftop of 9 West building.

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