Is Social Media Privacy Issue Affecting Mental Health

We have a lot to thank social media for, not only has it made the world a smaller place, but it has let us share our ideas faster than ever. However, with all the good things, there is some price to pay. Social media has overexposed our lives out, and the stuff a person uploads on social media can never be taken back.
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This issue has put our lives in danger, making social media a necessary evil. For this reason, social media privacy and mental health have become intertwined in a much negative way.

Loss of Culture and Self Identity

While much of the cultural erosion may be attributed to globalization, but social media exposure has also added to the mix. The cultural influx has led to much deterioration in the aesthetic value of every community around the world. Thus, intermix has led to the abandonment of once enriched cultural heritage and has now turned the world upside down. Tied to the concept of culture is self-identity. We are always being updated about the lives of celebrities on Twitter, Facebook, etc. and the Instagram influencers have influenced many of our life choices. From what we wear to how much money we earn, all can be charted down depending on our social media accounts, and this is a severe reason to worry and become anxious.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is now becoming more severe day by day. From the public display of fat-shaming, homophobic comments, gay-bashing, and other such offenses have put many lives under tumultuous conditions. Self-esteem is severely affected by such comments, and even the celebrities are not left from such hurtful comments. There are several cases of cyberbullying that has also led to people committing suicide. Another gruesome crime is social media stalking. Stalking and getting to know intimate details about those we are not much acquainted with had become a piece of cake and put many lives in imminent danger.

Anxiety Regarding Surveillance

Every person faces anxious and tension provoking events in life, but there is a clear distinction between anxiety as a disorder like generalized anxiety disorder and normal anxiety. Information put on social media and even the tags and logins are being constantly scrutinized by the government and the organization that owns the network and social media platform. Many people continuously fear being exposed and under surveillance at all times throughout the day. This has led to the development of mental conditions that could have been avoided.

Promotion of Risky Behaviors

Social media has led to youth and adolescents involved in risky behavior. We all are familiar with the Blue Whale Challenge that ultimately killed people or coerced them to commit hazardous tasks in the beginning and suicide at the end. These have striking effects on young minds and have led to a surprising rise in the number of crimes and death caused by social media involvement.

It is time to shed light on the effects of social media on privacy that had led to not mere discomforts but severe mental health problems in people.