Latest episode of ‘the Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ involves massive Bitcoin bounty

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, a brand new Marvel Cinematic Universe present on the Disney+ streaming platform, integrated a Bitcoin (BTC) bounty into its latest episode. 

In episode three, “Power Broker,” one of the characters receives a textual content message which reads: “Selby dead. ₿1K BOUNTY for her killers.” The reference, which drops round the narrative’s half means mark, is well timed given Bitcoin’s ongoing bull market. At time of publication, 1,000 BTC equals roughly $58.eight million USD.

The reference happens round 24 minutes into episode 3 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Reddit person Okitraz1986 noticed the Bitcoin reference, and posted their findings (in addition to a screenshot) on Reddit’s r/Bitcoin discussion board on Friday, saying:

“Thought it was cool, figured I’d share. Mind you this was a lot cooler like 5 years ago back when i got into the bitcoin space but still nice to see we’re making headway into cultural touchstones.”

Unfortunately, the story nonetheless exhibits Bitcoin being utilized in an underworld-esque method, as an alternative of as an asset for public funding — which might arguably be a extra apt use case, if not fairly so thematic. Over the years, Bitcoin has discovered it tough to shake its reputed connections to nefarious exercise, regardless of growing legitimacy as a retailer of worth just like gold.

In late 2020, one other TV present referred to as Shameless additionally included Bitcoin and Ethereum references in one episode.