Love Is Blind’s Shaina Hurley Explains Her Viral Squint During Season 2 Reunion – E! Online

On Netflix’s Love Is Blind‘s season two reunion, something curious caught viewers’ eyes…Shaina Hurley‘s.

The reality star kept squinting throughout the March 4 episode, which sparked memes on social media, including one shared by the show’s official accounts. Shaina also posted a few on her Instagram Story and also took the opportunity to clear things up.

“I wear contacts, OK?” she said. “I’ve been squinting ever since I can remember. I’m always getting yelled at, like, ‘Stop squinting! You’re going to get wrinkles.’ That’s why I probably have wrinkles.”

She continued, “Every time I go to the eye doctor, they tell me that I don’t have an astigmatism. And I’m like, ‘I think I have an astigmatism, or my eyes are getting worse.’ And my contacts have been the same.”

Shaina said her eye prescription is “like -5.25.”

“I am blind, basically,” she added, before smiling and saying, “Love is blind.”

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