Meta’s Anti-Misinformation Tool CrowdTangle Might Be Removed!

Meta’s anti-misinformation tool, CrowdTangle, is allegedly being removed. This move of the giant tech firm was already spotted in February. 

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In this photo illustration, three screens display the splash page for the Meta page on the facebook website on October 29, 2021 in London, England. The Facebook company, which owns Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram, has announced that it is rebranding, changing it’s name to “Meta”.

People who are familiar with the work of Meta claimed that the company had already begun shutting down CrowdTangle. However, the tech firm decided to delay the tool’s removal because of the EU’s Digital Service Act. 

It seems like Facebook’s owner is starting to pull out its CrowdTangle support again. Experts stated that CrowdTangle would remain at least before 2022 ends. 

But, the exact date of the anti-misinformation tool’s removal is not yet confirmed. Once this happens, researchers will have a hard time spotting fake news and other false content. 

Meta’s Anti-Misinformation Tool CrowdTangle Might Be Removed!

According to Bloomberg‘s latest report, journalists and other experts relying on CrowdTangle are now worried about the tool’s removal, especially since the 2022 U.S. elections are near. 

Meta's Anti-Misinformation Tool CrowdTangle Might Be Removed! Support for the Tech Alleged Pulled Out

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A photo of the META logo during the US social network Instagram opening on a tablet screen in Moscow on November 11, 2021. – Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg announced the parent company’s name is being changed to “Meta” to represent a future beyond just its troubled social network.

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Although Meta is not really open when it comes to its plans for the anti-misinformation tool, the tech firm said that it will still help researchers to identify false and misleading content on Facebook and other platforms. 

The tech firm said that it will create better tools that can spot fake news. On the other hand, Meta spokesperson Erin McPike confirmed that CrowdTangle would remain available until the U.S. midterm elections are completed. 

If you want to see further details about the removal of this essential anti-misinformation tool, you can visit this link.  

What is CrowdTangle? 

CrowdTangle’s official Help Center explained that the anti-misinformation tool Meta is used on various social media platforms owned by the tech company. 

These include Facebook and Instagram. Aside from these two, researchers also use CrowdTangle to observe other online websites, such as Reddit. 

When it comes to security, Meta explained that CrowdTangle doesn’t track user data and other online details that can be used to breach people’s privacy. 

Meanwhile, Meta and Microsoft decided to help Google secure their data centers. 

On the other hand, Meta’s Parental Guidance feature for Quest VR headsets was added. 

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