Microsoft unveiled Surface Duo with Dual Screen Display


Believe it or not, apart from Apple, there is hardly any brand that can survive with their self-branded OS and make significant sales against Android smartphones. Today, the same happened. Microsoft has finally unveiled a folding Smartphone power by Google Android. For many of you, it seems to be a miracle, but that’s not true. The foldable smartphone was in trend years back but is not becoming a reality, and Microsoft has made a remarkable comeback with this foldable gadget. They have named it Surface Duo. Recently, Microsoft conducted the Surface event in New York.

Talking about Surface Duo, it comes with a 5.6-inch display that unfolds into an 8.3-inch complete screen. Above all, the thickness of this Smartphone/gadget is just 4.8mm. Unlike other foldable prototypes, Duo can be easily folded without leaving any curve on the hinges. It is made to be handy that can easily fit into the pocket without making you uncomfortable.

Backed up with Android, this phablet-like smartphone can take calls, run multiple applications simultaneously.  Commenting on Surface Duo, Microsoft chief product officer Panos Panay said, “You are going to talk about it as a phone, and I get that. You can text; you can write; you can do what you want, make no mistake; this product is a Surface.”

Microsoft partner with Google to use their Android OS added with a layer of API on Android. Undoubtedly, this will bring Microsoft phones back in the market, offering more durable and sturdy gadgets. However, considering Android as the future of Microsoft phones, Panay strictly responded as NO. He also said, “You want to give customers what they want in the form factor that they’re using. We’ve learned this — let’s put the right operating system on the wrong product or the other way around. But what’s the right operating system for the form factor? And in this case, on mobile devices, Android’s the obvious choice, But anything [bigger than] that, Windows is everything.”

Moving into its specifications, the Surface Duo has Snapdragon 855 processor that is expected to be upgraded to Qualcomm, next year. No more specs details are available that maintain the suspense for this phone. The device doesn’t showcase any camera on its body, creating various doubts and queries about its upcoming features.

A few years back, Microsoft struggled to make a profit from its windows smartphone. Back in 2014, it also acquired Nokia. But again, the Symbian and Windows were no more the need for a smartphone user. To grab the existing smartphone market, Microsoft has now surrendered its smartphones to use Android OS and serve, what customers are looking for. However, the significant share of Microsoft’s profit comes from Windows.

This phone will be available for purchase late next year. Till then, you need to maintain your patience level and stay hungry for this revolutionary smartphone.

Alongside Surface Duo, another phone marks its presence i.e., Surface Neo. However, the Neo runs on Windows 10 that makes it a bit different from its sibling.