Twitch to Ban Streamers with Misinformation Content—Focuses on COVID-19, Conspiracy Theories, and MORE

Twitch updated its guidelines and now announces that it will ban streamers that bring misinformation to its platform, propagating different fake information and details for the public. The streaming company will not condone any wrongdoings and false information for the people that may misguide them to wrong teachings aside from the facts. 

The company focuses on preventing COVID-19, politics, conspiracy theories, and more from spreading on the platform. 

Twitch Ban: Misinformation Will Not Be Tolerated by Moderators

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Twitch released a blog post that talks about removing misinformation on the platform and making it safe for every user on it to showcase or consume content. The new focus is to remove false information from propagating in Twitch.TV, especially now that different actors utilize the platform for wrongdoings and harmful actions. 

Streamers have been abusing their right to stream on the platform by violating the community guidelines and other regulations that focus on user safety on the internet. Twitch is aware that its platform has a significant reach to the audience and that everything that it would allow would be a reflection of who they are as a company. 

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Twitch’s New Community Guidelines: Facts Only

The new Spams, Scams, and Malicious Conduct Policy details the many guidelines Twitch wants for its platform, focusing on bringing factual content only. It said that it condones COVID-19 misinformation, conspiracy theories, harmful content, politics and election propaganda, and other forms of fake news to circulate on its website. 

Twitch Bans and Guidelines

Twitch has further updates on its Community Guidelines and content that has come into its platform for several years now, primarily as various users aim to bring their offer despite violating a few points. The company has made it more specific for them in the past years, but some content like the ASMR videos here present a different challenge. 

The Amazon company focused on bringing a safe and enjoyable experience to the platform but always faced hardheaded streamers who tried to escape these sanctions by lowkey. Some examples include obscene usernames that have references to hate speech, drugs, racism, and other words that cause harm and disturbance to others. 

Twitch received fame for being relentless in its pursuit to remove wrongdoings in the platform and promote a healthy environment for streamers. The company’s aim to focus on eliminating misinformation and fake news in the platform is a massive step for the company now, as its site may be a breeding ground for this kind of content. 

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