Undefeated Gonzaga sits on the western top

Gonzaga was the first team to join the unbeaten NCAA men’s league since Kentucky in 2014-15, and Zags had a legitimate shot to become the first unbeaten national champion since Indiana finished with a billion. number 32-0 in the 1975-76 season.

“Covid is the only thing that stops them.
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Or an injury, ”Syracuse manager Jim Boeheim said this season.

Gonzaga is 26-0 after beating Brigham Young to win the West Coast Conference title on Tuesday. In the 2016-17 season, Gonzaga won 29-0 before taking two defeats: the first against BYU in regular season, the second against North Carolina in a championship match.

Gonzaga manager Mark Vai has a career win rate of 0.834 and has won more than 30 games in six of the past eight seasons.

Now will be something of a failure for Little and his players at the end of this season without the show’s first national championship.

“These people have shown how competitive they are all year, and as we progress to the NCAA tournament – it was knocked out of them last year – I think we’ll put in even more effort in the future.” final.

Gonzaga won 31-2 last year in the shortened season. This season, the three-man finalist team for the John R. Wooden Award, is awarded to best college player: senior young striker Corey Kispert, score defender for freshman Jalen Suggs and second year striker Drew Timme. Proposal and Kispert is predicted to be the NBA lottery.

Zags have a free, fast-paced attack, but they still pass the ball well for a great shot.

However, there are concerns. Although Zags have won out against Kansas, West Virginia, Iowa and Virginia, they have not faced an opponent outside the WCC since the Virginia match on December 26.

Gonzaga allows an average of 84 points in those four matches and will have to play better defensively in the big positions of the NCAA.

And Zags can play against even better teams in the Finals. – ADAM ZAGORIA

It was a bad week for Kansas. The football coach, Les Miles, left last Monday on allegations of sexual harassment dating back to his tenure in Louisiana. Then Jeff Long, the sports director, announced his exit. On Friday, the men’s basketball team, which had struggled with the pandemic earlier this week, withdrew from the Big 12 tournament following a positive examination.

Jayhawks, who has appeared in every NCAA tournament since 1990, will nonetheless try to play short-sleeved if they can. Remember the criteria the NCAA has set: A team can play if there are at least five players. – ALAN BLINDER

The Cavaliers won the national title in 2019. After the health crisis forced to cancel the NCAA tournament last year, Virginia is hoping the coronavirus won’t keep it this year.

Virginia is moving forward just days after it pulled out of the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament, where it was the top seed, because of its positive test results. Now, the Cavaliers will look to their medical regimens and solid defenses to try to repeat the league title.

Virginia’s rivals have averaged less than 61 points per game this season, one of the lowest performing teams in the country. – ALAN BLINDER

The Ducks were a bit sluggish in their 75-64 defeat to the State of Oregon on Friday, but their conserved energy from their regular season’s Pac-12 title could keep them flying high. “We were just stuck in the mud in the first place,” Oregon manager Dana Altman said after Friday’s Ducks semi-final defeat. Oregon, 20-6 this season, won their first NCAA championship in 1939 but has not won since. – GILLIAN R. BRASSIL

Gauchos was here for the first time in a decade, winning tickets as they won the Big West Championship from defending champion UC Irvine, 79-63. UCSB’s JaQuori McLaughlin, the conference’s best player, netted 22 points in the win and will hopefully lead the team through their first match in a larger NCAA pond. – GILLIAN R. BRASSIL

  • No. 1 Gonzaga (26-0) vs. No. 16 Norfolk / Appalachian State

  • Oklahoma No. 8 (October 15) vs. Missouri 9 (September 16)

  • No. 5 Creighton (20-8) vs. No. 12 UC Santa Barbara (April 22)

  • Virginia No. 4 (18-6) vs. No. 13 Ohio (16-7)

  • Number 6 Southern California (22-7) v. No. 11 State of Wichita / Drake

  • Kansas No. 3 (August 20) vs. East Washington 14 (July 16).

  • Oregon number 7 (20-6) vs. 10 VCU (July 19)

  • No. 2 Iowa (August 21) vs. No. 15 Grand Canyon (June 17)

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