YouTube Podcasts Page is Now Live

YouTube Podcasts gets its own page on the “Explore” page on the video sharing service of Google, allowing users to browse the latest episodes and new shows they might want to check out.

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A picture taken on October 5, 2021 in Toulouse shows the logo of Youtube social media displayed by a screen and its website displayed by tablet.

It follows a leak early this year, which hints that YouTube is actually gearing up to introduce a “podcast destination page.”

YouTube Podcasts Rolls Out

Several months after it leaked in March, the video-sharing platform has finally rolled out its own page for all “Podcast” related content.

It comes as the Google video service has become one of the top destinations for listening to podcasts, despite the existence of other giant rivals, such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

In fact, according to a report by Forbes last May, YouTube has emerged to become the most preferred platform of podcast listeners.

YouTube Podcasts Rolls Out its Own Page on the ‘Explore’ Tab! Here’s What’s New

(Photo : AFP via Getty Images)
This picture taken in Moscow on March 19, 2022 shows logos of Youtube social media on a smartphone screen. .

The survey, which the voice actor online marketplace known as Voices hosted, finds that YouTube is the number one destination for listening to podcasts in the United States.

Nearly 60% of the 1,002 survey participants have chosen YouTube as their preferred platform for catching up with their favorite podcasts out there.

And as such, YouTube has decided to step up its podcasting game by providing its listeners with a dedicated hub on all sorts of podcast content.

According to a recent report by 9to5 Google, the video-sharing site has updated its Explore tab, introducing its all-new Podcast section.

The dedicated page for podcasting has started rolling out to its desktop and mobile users. It now sits along other long-time Explore page options, such as Music, Trending, and Live. It also includes other categories like Sports, Gaming, News, and Movies & Shows.

The Podcast page showcases various options that optimize the overall experience, including “Popular episodes,” “Popular podcasts creators,” and “Popular podcast playlists.”

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YouTube vs. Spotify vs. Apple Podcasts

Meanwhile, the same survey, which claims that YouTube is second to none in podcast listening, showed that Spotify follows the Google-backed service.

The Swedish audio streaming subscription service, Spotify, garnered roughly 53% of the participants.

It is worth noting that Spotify is following in the footsteps of YouTube as it recently introduced more podcast videos on its platforms.

On the other hand, the podcasting service of the iPhone maker, Apple Podcasts takes the third spot in the ranking.

And interestingly, another Google-based service, aptly named Google Podcasts, sits at the fourth rank, followed by Amazon’s Audible.

It remains to be seen how the new YouTube Podcasts page on its Explore tab would help the dominance of the video-sharing platform.

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