YouTube To Enhance Canadian Music’s Presence!

YouTube might soon enhance the presence of Canadian music. This may sound good to other people, but some critics are now worried about the effects of this online activity of YT. 

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The YouTube and Netflix app logos are seen on a television screen on March 23, 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey. The Government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan passed a new law on March 22 extending the reach of the country’s radio and TV censor to the internet. The new law will allow RTUK.

Ian Scott, the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) chair, said that they might ask the video platform to alter its algorithms so that the Canadian music will appear more recently. 

But, he clarified that CRTC would not require YouTube to manipulate its algorithms completely. 

“I want you to manipulate it (the algorithm) to produce particular outcomes,” said Ian Scott. 

YouTube To Enhance Canadian Music’s Presence!

According to GlobalNews CA‘s latest report, Canada’s new online streaming bill is called “Bill C-11.” However, YouTube has already warned of the consequences of the Canadian pushes its new bill. 

YouTube To Enhance Canadian Music's Presence! But, Critics are Concerned How It Can Affect Streamers

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In this photo illustration a young man looks at a recent video by German YouTube star Rezo that heavily criticizes the German Christian Democrats (CDU) political party on May 28, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. The video aired shortly before European parliamentary elections and in it Rezo tears apart CDU policies over issues including education, social inequality and the environment.

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The popular video streaming platform said that manipulating algorithms is already crossing the border. But it seems like CRTC really wants this to happen. 

Experts stated that Bill C-11 is expected to update the country’s broadcast laws and be implemented on Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube. 

Once this happens, Canadian content, including TV shows, music, films, etc., will be more discoverable. But why are critics against this new law?  

Why YouTube and Critics are Against Bill C-11

NewsWire CA reported that creative YouTube influencers, streamers, and other content creators might suffer once the new Bill C-11 is fully implemented. 

At first, the goal of the new law is quite beneficial for local YouTube content creators. But, critics said that the negative effects outweigh the benefits that Bill C-11 offers. 

For example, if a Canadian song was put on YouTube in front of its page, viewers may not like it or view it. If this happens, that song will be downgraded, degrading its presence on the video platform. 

On the other hand, YouTube Music’s tone mixing feature is expected to offer better radio mixes. 

Meanwhile, the new YouTube Gift Paid Subscriptions have been launched. 

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