Zoom Whiteboard, New Features Come from Latest Update from Zoom—What Are These?

Zoom released new updates for its video-conferencing application that will bring many features to the public, focusing on the new Zoom Whiteboard for everyone. From school use, work needs, and down to personal video chats, the new Zoom features bring an upgrade to its previous versions that will help in expanding the app’s capabilities. 

Zoom Introduces New Features in Latest Update of the App

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Zoom brings new features that update its applications in the company’s latest release, and according to its blog post, it brings many additions to the app. Zoom introduces the Zoom Whiteboard, new gestures, Backstage for Zoom events, Zoom IQ for sales, and more to enhance the experience for the team and collaborations. 

Zoom IQ for sales brings an AI solution for conversation, and with the feature alone, it can analyze content from customer meetings to insights, actions, and content. 

The latest update also brings Gesture Recognition to have a non-verbal cue or communication in the app, featuring the “raised hands” and “thumbs up” gestures for corresponding reactions. 

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Zoom Whiteboard: What’s The New Feature?

One of the main focuses of this update is the introduction of Zoom Whiteboard, a new experience in the video conferencing app that will help users take advantage of the screen for more input. Users can leave virtual sticky notes for information during a web conference, and it also helps close the gap for collaboration among team members.

Zoom Whiteboard

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Zoom said that it is like a digital canvas that teams or schools may use to use creatively for their needs. 

Zoom and its Relevance Now

Zoom has become a household name in the global industry now, especially as it became an essential tool during the pandemic to keeping up with remote work and continuing online classes. The app received many updates for the public to use, which are necessary for many users. 

One of its updates featured e-signature capabilities to sign a document online and have it submitted to those that need it immediately.

The company also updates its products, especially with the bug that pestered macOS users, which kept the microphone on at all times, even when users turned it off during the conference. Some go on mute to keep themselves from being heard by the other participants, and now, Zoom has already removed this bug to keep them on mute. 

There are a variety of video conferencing applications available online, but Zoom is one of the most famous and preferred by corporations to hold their meetings virtually. Now, there are more features and products available via the app, and the new Zoom Whiteboard will help more with the accessibility of users for having a virtual platform. 

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